A Short Question About Meditation
(a.k.a. "How to use this Website")

Beloved Swamiji,

I notice your website does not have any kind of actual introduction to meditation, could you please write up a short guide to meditation itself?

Beloved Shya,

There is a reason why I have not till now written any kind of "introductory guide to meditation".
You will find, in fact, information about meditation in just about every section of the Mystery School site.
It is in Three Paths of Ecstasy, in the introduction to the Bhagavad Gita, it is in the Prayer for Peace, and elsewhere.

There is a vast list of possible practices, both introductory and advanced.
What you will not find is any section that gives a single, definitive, meditation technique.
That is because there cannot be.

This is not a university course, where information is presented in a linear way.
Nor is this a cookbook, where you can give a single recipe that all may follow.
You do not simply read the material on this website to get step-by-step instructions that will slowly increase your "knowledge" about meditation, mysticism, or anything else.

Instead, the purpose of writing the way I do is to give you direction, but also to slowly transform you in the very reading.

All of the texts on this website are meant to do more than simply inform: they are meant to open parts of your own inner being, to create shocks.
That is why it is not enough to simply read everything on here once and then leave it.

Instead, you should read, then try some of the practices and work on your awareness based on the "shocks" that have been created for you.
Afterwards, you should return and read again, as some of the barriers to your awareness have been lifted and this work can now proceed to open some deeper barriers.

All that can be said on this site about meditation itself is that one needs to witness, to be open, and to practice regularly and without desire for results.

Beyond that, for specific instructions, one can communicate with me personally.
There is no simple recipe that will work for everyone.

The Mystery is Personal.


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