The Metta Sutra
(a new interpretation by Swami Anand Nisarg)

This is what should be practiced
By one who has discovered the good,
And who recognizes the way to peace:
Let them be strong and centered,
Direct in words but gentle.
Simple and not boastful,
Content and easily fulfilled.
Unconcerned with appearances and frugal of lifestyle.
Filled with peace and serenity, skilled in what is wise,
Free of pride, and not making demands of life.
Let them not do anything
That would go against the way.

Say sincerely: May all things feel joy and security.
May all things in the universe; without exception,
Either weak or strong,
Large or powerful, medium, short or weak,
Visible or invisible,
Existing in my realm or beyond my senses,
Alive or yet to live
May all things feel peace!

Let there be no deception between things,
Or any hatred among beings of any form.
Let no thing by anger or prejudice
Desire to act against another.
Even as a mother would give her life
To protect her only child
So with an eternal heart
Should one feel Love with all things:
Sharing Love with all the universe,
Sending Love up toward the skies,
And down toward the depths;
Outward and limitlessly,
Free from any hatred or prejudice.
Whether standing or walking, sitting or lying down
One should continue this remembrance.
This is considered the perfect way.
By not holding onto the preconceptions of the mind,
The pure-hearted one, seeing clearly,
Being free from all attachments,
Is not born again into this existence.

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