Chapter 12

  1. Arjuna said:
    Then who are the most true in union: those who are always engaged in devotion, properly venerating you, or those who have moved beyond the senses into the impersonal mystery?
  2. The Blessed One said:
    Those who focus the mind upon me are always practicing veneration to me. They are granted a greater trust by me, they are considered to be most involved in practicing the real.
  3. But there are those who are completely engaged in venerating the impersonal, formless mystery that is beyond all the senses, and is also ineffable, omnipresent, unchanging, and immovably fixed in the now.
  4. Focusing all of the senses, they are equally open to all things. They achieve me by practicing out of compassion for all living beings.
  5. There is much trouble for those who are attached to the impersonal with their minds. Certainly for those who are in a personality, progressing into the impersonal can be achieved, but with much difficulty.
  6. But those who renounce all activities to me, who attach to me, without deviating from such yoga, they can meditate upon me.
  7. And I will deliver them from the ocean of constant death and rebirth. Very soon, those whose consciousness is focused on me, I will become them, scion of Partha.
  8. Fix the mind upon me. Apply your awareness to me. You will live in me thereafter, do not doubt it.
  9. If you are not able to focus your consciousness on me steadfastly, then by practicing yoga you will in time develop the will to reach me, great champion.
  10. If you are even unable to practice, become dedicated to doing service for me. Even work done for my sake will let you achieve great powers.
  11. If you are unable to do this either, then perform the yoga of refuge in me. That is, give up the results of all actions, and become in that way centered in your soul.
  12. Awareness is certainly better than formal practice. Meditation is even better than mere awareness. But renunciation of the results of actions is better still. By such renunciation you will gain peace.
  13. Be without jealousy toward any living being, friendly and kind, with no ego or sense of possession, equal in happiness or sorrow, forgiving.
  14. Such a yogi is always fulfilled. Determined, focused on the soul. With the mind and awareness focused on me, such a devotee of mine is very dear to me.
  15. People who are never disturbed, and who do not disturb others, and who are free from happiness, distress, fear and worry, such people are also very dear to me.
  16. Anyone who is neutral, pure, mastered, carefree, free of misery, the renouncer of all efforts; such a devotee is very dear to me.
  17. One who neither takes pleasure nor grieves, does not complain or desire, and renounces the fortunate or unfortunate; such a devotee is very dear to me.
  18. One who is equal toward friends or enemies, and who is also so toward honour and dishonour, in cold and heat, happiness and misery, who is balanced and free from attachment.
  19. Who is equal in fame or infamy, silent, fulfilled by any situation, who has no home, who is focused in determination; such a devotee is a true human being. And he is very dear to me.
  20. Those who completely involve themselves in this, what is called the nectar of the way, with trust, knowing me as the greater; such devotees are very very dear to me.