New Online Course: Magick for Mystics

Magick for Mystics is a new instructional course I am offering, for anyone who wants to work one on one in learning the fundamentals, symbols, and methods of western hermetic "magick" in the context of spiritual practice on the path to enlightenment.

It is a 15 unit program, designed to be done in 2-4 months assuming an active student, in the form of instruction and exercises sent by email, practiced on the students time, the results discussed and additional feedback given. It will instruct the student on the symbolism of western magick: the elements, planets, correspondences, etc. as well as techniques for meditation, grounding, banishing, invocation, evocation and pathworking ("astral travel") as well as many other steps necessary to develop a functional basic practice in these techniques.

The cost of the program is $75; if you are interested please contact me personally through private message, email, or facebook!

If you'd like to know more, or would like to take this course, please click here to email Swami directly.


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