8 On Truthfulness


To attain the Mahamudra absolute truthfulness is required.
Why is this?

When you lie, even in a small way, you separate yourself from who you really are.
You have to pretend you are something you are not.
Often, you must later repeat the same lie you started, out of fear of being shown to be a liar.
Each time you defend your falsehood, it becomes harder and harder for you to admit the truth.
If you convince others of this falsehood, they share your lie with you.
If they come to realize they were wrong, they may end up willingly continuing the lie rather than look like fools.

In this way, you are responsible for the spread of falsehood in the world.

Some very great falsehoods have been spread this way for generations.

In order to free yourself of all these falsehoods, you must begin by having the courage to accept looking like a fool or a liar.
You must decapitate the falsehoods you carry, and take care not to spread new ones.