10 On the divine sound


The OM is the divine sound.
It is the voice of the universe.

The OM is the supreme vibration, to which one must be synchronized.

When you are commencing the work of meditation, the OM can be repeated as a mantra.
But you can recite "om, om" for an eternity without benefit.

It is better to recite the OM just once with real vibration and real awareness than a hundred thousand times with blind repetition.

By vibrating the OM you are opening the gates to awareness.

After vibrating the OM, you must now listen, to find the harmony and response of existence.

First you will hear the lesser silence, created by your vibration of the OM.
Then you will hear the sacred mantra that emanates from within you, the ham-sa; this is the sound of breathing in and out.

Then you will hear the awesome silence, the deeper silence of the emptiness of space that exists between all things.

Finally, you will hear the vibration of the OM, in all things, and in all spaces between things.