27 On the Intellectual and Emotional Realms

Beloved Amber,

The imaginative reality exists on its own level.
It must be accepted as being just as true or just as false as the physical reality before you, but operating on a different plane of existence.
As soon as you mingle those planes, as soon as you are expecting things in the physical world to match your desires on the world of your imagination, you are allowing yourself to be in that state of "mind too close".

To be liberated from this, you must first accept the reality of your imaginations, in their own proper place.
Do not ignore your imagination, but know that it has no connection to the physical realm.
Then you can begin to approach physical events for what they really are, and imagination for what it really is.

Emotional states also exist in their own plane.
They do not "stem" from either the imaginative or the physical realm, when they are being approached with pure mind.
However, when you confuse the planes, you will begin to put emotional expectations on your physical or imaginative realities.
Then you will begin to lust for emotional experiences, becoming an emotional junkie.

Emotions in their pure form come and go, just like thoughts come and go, or physical conditions come and go.
When you achieve the ability to accept them coming, and accept them going, without clinging, you are approaching the Mahamudra.

That which is called "ego" is a product of false conditionings, that create the state of blindness, the blocking of the Kundalini as the Tantrists called it, where you cannot see clearly the nature of the various realms and where you cling to physical, emotional, and intellectual attachments (as well as spiritual attachments), desiring some to remain, and others to go.

If you cannot be meditative, you cannot enjoy life, in the sense that you cannot enjoy the pure states that come and go in every moment.
You will be trapped in desire and comparison.