31 On the Levels of Awareness II


The lowest realm is the hell realm.

This is the realm of beings that are filled with rage, hatred, fear.
They are totally lost to meditation.

When people are in this condition, there is no good to be gained out of interacting with them, not even if you are a meditator.
That is why this is called the demoniacal state.

Those in this state will have the desire to harm, to destroy.
To stop people in this condition so that they may not harm others is natural.

People fall to this realm from the realm of the animal when they have lost all potential for even positive instinct, or even self-preservation.

People can only rise from this realm after they are first put in a situation where they can harm no one, and even then it is unlikely, as they will have no desire at this point to move past this level.

Everyday people and even meditators who are not situated in this realm will touch on it at times, with explosions of rage and a total loss of mental or emotional connection.
One need not feel guilty for this, but should also not feed or linger on it.
When this kind of rage is transformed with awareness it can become a great engine for creating change.