38 On the Mixing of Sources

Beloved Natalia,

Thank you for asking about whether students should read and write, or just listen to the teacher (as Meher Baba liked).
Meher Baba's methods were different, to suit a different place and time.
I would like my students to read and write, quite a bit if they can.
However, it would be good if they didn't read just any old garbage, especially about spiritual topics.
Too often, it can happen that they get to reading something about "spirituality" which is either wrong or has nothing to do with what we're doing here, and they will try to either consciously or unconsciously transplant that teaching into their understanding of the Mystery School.
It is better not to do this.
Anything you read, you should keep separate from what we are doing here.

Finally, it would probably be good for some people if they were to consult more with me about what they are reading, or if they cared to ask for advice about what they ought to read at this time.