43 On The Nature of Attachments


Conditioning is like trying to tie a thread around your wrist with only one hand.
It is not simple to do.
It takes great effort.
It is not natural.

You can get distracted by doing so, until you want nothing more but to accomplish this meaningless thing.

Then, once it is on, it is both uncomfortable and yet familiar.
It is more a bother than anything else, but you cannot bother to remove it.

It may appear to take great effort to try to remove it, like that is outside your nature.
But in reality, tying it on in the first place is what was unnatural.
And it is much simpler to cut off the thread then it was to tie it on in the first place, you are just forgetting the effort it took initially, and thinking it too bothersome to remove it.

I am saying: cut off all your threads, and be watchful that you are not tying on new ones.