46 On Addictions II

Beloved Shya,

Tobacco is one possible manifestation of addiction, and most (but not all) cigarette smokers are addicted in the sense I am talking about.

Far more worrisome, however, are the addictions that do not come with a social stigma, but are positively embraced and reinforced by society.
Alcoholism or tobacco or drug addiction is not as potentially dangerous as addiction to health food, or to television, or to relationships.

Finally, it should be noted that it is not necessary either to go around analyzing what is or is not addictive behaviour.
Certainly, if you are certain that something you are doing is addictive, you can assume it to be so, and try to trace its source.
But since the real solution to these behaviours is in becoming more aware, and resolving the root problems, your time is better spent in finding the root issues than in trying to analyze all your habits to see which are addictive and which are not.