100 On The Yoga of Death III

Beloved Shya,

To die before you die is the key to all mysticism.

To practice the Yoga of Death you must first achieve balance in the body, then balance in the mind.
After you must practice the Yoga of Dreams.

When you are at that level of balance, then you must begin to choose the process of dying.

Start by lying in the nidra asana, lying down, on the floor or some other solid surface.
Relax all of your body, your muscles, and let your mind relax.

Feel your body relax completely, know that it is dead, that it has slipped away from you and you have lost it. Remain centred in your meditation, do not flee from this reality.

Know that your emotional bonds have slipped away, that all your desires and ties to people and things in your life are lost.
Do not try to cling to these things, know that they are finished.
Remain centred in your meditation.

Know that your mind is disappearing, your knowledge is gone, all that you have learned in the world falls away.
Do not try to hold onto your intellect, do not regret the loss of your knowledge.
Remain centred in meditation.

Realize that what you called life is over.
Realize that it is lost.
That you will never again be who you were, where you were, that all of it is gone.
Do not regret this or try to cling to what is gone.
Remain centred in meditation.

Know that the guru is there, with you, and all of the Buddhas.
But know also that none of them can stop what is happening to you, or help you in any way, other than to guide you to the eternal.
Remain centred in your meditation.

Proceed until there is nothing left of what you believe to be your self.
Proceed until only meditation remains, the pure light of life itself.
The universal only, as all of the particular slips away.

Remain there, unattached, as pure meditation, undistracted.
If you are distracted by any of those things that are dead, you will not be able to achieve the Mahamudra.

Realize that you are already dead.
And that from this moment on, though you return to the world you know, you are already dead.
You have nothing to lose, it is already lost.
You have nothing to cling to, it has already slipped away.

You can enjoy and appreciate all things, because you know that none of them are yours, they are already done.
There is no purpose except union.
And in that union is pure consciousness, and peace.

Thus you become free of conditionings and karma.
Remember that you are already dead.

Repeat this meditation regularly, for no less than 21 days, and afterwards at other times in your life, that you may not forget you are dead and thus forget how to live.

Live knowing that you are going to die, because you will.
Live knowing that you have already died, because you have.

Then life will flower all around you, and you can accept life on its own terms, without conflict.