62 On Trust

Beloved Shya,

It is difficult to determine when to trust.
Often, the fear of trusting is borne of scenarios in the mind.
Other times, it is your intuition that tells you that you should be worried.
Remember the Mahamudra, and that you are a part of the person who wants you to trust them.
Be a part of them, and you will know what is the right course of action.
In the end, whether or not it is "warranted" to trust someone does not depend on the other person, but on that sense of right action.
You should not be a fool, act based on what is real, and if a person has been deceptive in the past then you should also consider that.
But the question of whether or not to trust them this time cannot be determined by that alone.
You must be aware of the present moment, and the present need, for you and for the other person.
When in doubt, seek clarity in meditation.
Be in the moment, and the question of trusting or not trusting should not need to be debated in the mind.
You will know how to act, if you are in the moment.