66 On The Only Path

Beloved Dasi,

You cannot develop real meditation and keep other conditionings.
Real meditation is the liberation of conditionings.

Your conditionings are basically your past interfering with the present, with the now.
They are past experiences which stay with you because you are attached to them, that keep you from acting in the present for what the present really is, and instead they make you base your actions in the present on what had been in the past.

Meditation is all about being in the present.
Thus one could not call himself good at meditation if he is stuck in his conditioning.

If you believe you are having great experiences in mediation, or great advancement, but you have done nothing to be free of your conditionings, then your meditation is only an illusion.

The only way to the Mahamudra is through reality, not fantasies.
Until you confront your past, and the baggage you carry, you cannot open to the Mahamudra.