83 On Krishna and the Mahamudra

Beloved Peter,

You can drop everything, by dropping everything.
This is what Krishna advocates, and what is really meant by devotion.
There is the Yoga of Devotion, Bhakti, which is another process, leading you to the Mahamudra.
But the real devotion, the absolute surrender, is the Mahamudra, and it is an instantaneous process that transforms you the moment you achieve it.

In the Gita he speaks of various techniques, they will all get you there, but some are faster than others.
The fastest way is by this true devotion to the Divine, but more often than not a process is required to put you into the place where you can make this drop.

It is something that you either understand and accomplish, or cannot understand and cannot accomplish.

This is why even though Krishna's way is faster than the Buddha's, it is not as often useful, only someone like Krishna will be able to do it.

In reality, all enlightenment happens when you just drop everything all at once.
Its just that for some people, more work or less work is required to get you to the state of understanding where you can actually do the dropping.