85 On Walking Your Own Path

Beloved Rasa,

You are very right about the importance of discovering answers for yourself.
Asking me questions, and then being satisfied only with the answer, and not going through a process of actually experiencing an answer, will not get you anywhere.
It is important to understand that knowledge and experience are two different things.
My "answers" to any important question are not meant to be simply believed; rather the answer itself will be instructive, as something to do, that you must then put into practice to actually experience.

The goal is to learn to trust yourself, and if you do not trust yourself, you will not be able to trust me.
Learn to trust yourself, and you will be able to trust me too.
Then you will need less questions, and be able to receive instructions in the right spirit; that of experimentation rather than the acquisition of some kind of knowledge.

You will find that I generally try to avoid talking about the work I did, and try to put the emphasis of teaching you how to do your own work.
Learning about my experiences will not be of much use, because you will not get to here by imitating my path.
You must go on your path, and my job is only to help light your path.