87  On Transforming Energy

Beloved Dharia,

It is as I've said.
What is called Ki cannot become Gong.

Your reading of Osho is a misunderstanding.
Osho is saying that one kind of energy can be transformed into another; he is talking about ki.
You can change one "type" of ki into another type of ki easily, because it is all ki.
When you are angry, and letting out harmful energy, that is a kind of ki.
When you are sexually aroused, that is a kind of ki.
When you are depressed, that is a kind of ki.
Even tiredness is a type of ki. It is not a "lack" of energy, it is a negatively charged energy.

And all of these things can be changed into other things.
That's why anger sometimes becomes arousal.
Or why depression leads to exhaustion.
And you can take the energy that is making you angry and change it into meditative ki, meditative energy.

Ki is Ki, and this is one of the great secrets of the initiate: you can play with your Ki, change it from one thing into another.
Shaktipat, or Gong, is another kind of power altogether.
It is divine power.
You can build up ki for a million years and it will not change into one drop of Gong.

Gong, Shaktipat, is what you receive a drop of when you are initiated.
This simple drop is enough to unlock all your ki, to make it possible for you to shift your ki from one type of ki to another, from positive to negative or vice versa.
It allows you to extend this ki without barriers to other people.
It allows you to absorb ki in meditation.

But you cannot create Gong.
Nothing anyone does creates Gong.
Shaktipat can only be acquired in the Mahamudra.
When you are unified with God, then you receive Shaktipat.