97 On Techniques of Extension

Beloved Tara,

When you extend, you are creating a link between your inner self and the outer world.

So yes, when you extend you are extending inward as well as outwardly.

The main effect of extension should be a feeling of connectedness, and physical relaxation.
A good indication of extension will be if you are breathing deeper or lower down on your body, from your stomach instead of your chest or throat, or if you are having a better posture, with your back straight, or if your shoulders are relaxed instead of tense.

You can extend generally, expanding the Buddhafield around you, or you can extend specifically, to particular objects or people.
Both are acceptable, the latter forming a specific link with you and your target.
This is often better for learning how to extend, because it has a stronger result that is more easy to feel.
One good exercise is to go walking down a street, and as you walk slowly, you extend to each tree as you walk toward it.
It is often easier, at first, to extend to trees, or small animals, or children, than it is to extend to other adult human beings.
That is because trees, animals, or most children will be more open and receptive to your extension, whereas adult people will usually have barriers, and be resistant to receive the extension of ki.

So if specific extension works for you, do it that way.
Let it be your way of practicing and continuing to develop the discipline of extension.