New Online Course: Tantra for Transcending

Tantra is the mystical esoteric teaching of Himalayan Hinduism and Buddhism. It is the "Magick" of the East. It has taught in various forms and over the course of centuries a series of secret practices and revelations that allow one to Transcend (that is, to overcome the boundaries of one's current perspective) by USING rather than avoiding or rejecting all of the events and phenomena of everyday life: the world around you, your feelings, relationships, stress, negative emotions, love, fears, the urge to know, the inner search, and regular everyday activity.

Tantra is about boldly experiencing Truth, everywhere it is found, and through all means.

This course will give a full instruction on the fundamentals of Third Way Tantra, which is neither hidebound (and often difficult to culturally translated) traditional hinduism/buddhism, nor is it one of the kinds of 'tantra' promoted in the west by other groups that is watered-down, sanitized, or taken outside of its original context as an Enlightenment teaching.

It is, instead, the fundamental formulas of tantra presented in an accessible way; the secret methods to use everything around you, to work in a practical way, to expand your awareness and your abilities past what you thought were your boundaries and limitations, as part of the work toward Enlightenment. It is firmly rooted in historical Tantric teaching and will use the ancient methods and techniques, but presented in a way relevant to modern western society.

The course will consist of a series of five Units, sent by email, with thorough teachings and exercises to work on. Participants will be expected to practice the exercise and send details on their results, and in turn I will respond with feedback, answer any questions and offer advice; only when we are both satisfied with the experience will we move on to the next Unit.

The five Units are all set along certain themes:

Unit 1: LIFE (introduction to tantra and basic practices)
Unit 2: LOVE (techniques of devotion and Tantric invocations)
Unit 3: DEATH (techniques for transcending shadow and death)
Unit 4: SEX (techniques for transcending taboo and working with sex energy)
Unit 5: AWAKENING (techniques for understanding fundamental reality and transcending obstacles to Awakening; working with the original and little-known techniques of the Tantric Chakras)

In addition to the course work all participants in the course will become members of a secret, closed Tantra For Transcending Facebook Group where they will be able to interact with other participants, ask questions, and receive a large amount of significant free material (including Yantras, Deity Images, additional meditation techniques, teachings, and translations of ancient Tantric Texts as well as new texts available only to those in the tantra course). Participants will continue to have membership in the group even after completing the course so that they can continue their studies and work freely.

The cost of the course in this first offering is $75. Please contact me if interested for details, or if you have any questions. Thank you for your consideration.


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