Chapter 5

The Golden Dawn

Once upon a time there was a Kingdom, and this Kingdom was named Vida. It was filled with cities, where all the people lived, and each of these cities had nine gates. Each city had one ruler (who was given the title of 'demiurge'), and the whole Kingdom was ruled by an Emperor, whose name was Om. The Emperor had a wife, who shared the love of the Emperor with the people, and her name was Shanti

But one day, the Emperor was lost in the eyes of the people. No one knew where he had gone, and the Demiurges of the cities with nine gates were left to their own devices.

Immediately, the cities fell into chaos. Some made alliances with others, but most fell into distrust and warfare with themselves. All of the people wished to find the Emperor again, and some of Demiurges claimed to wish it as well. But others wished to hold on to their own power, feeling it better to be absolute ruler of a single city than simply a governor as part of a great empire.

To this end, these Demiurges had to convince the people that the Emperor's disappearance was the fault of other cities, or their own fault. So in some cities, the people were tricked into paranoia and war with other cities, thinking that if only they could have power over these other cities they would be able to rediscover the Emperor. And in other cities, the people accepted harsh and repressive laws and taxes imposed by the Demiurges, being convinced that the Emperor had abandoned them because they were ungovernable, and that if they only proved their loyalty and obedience he would return.

Eventually, in some cities, the people were even convinced that there had never been an Emperor, and that the Demiurges were and had always been the proper ruler.

Now the Empire was in chaos. But what none of the Demiurges knew was that the Emperor had never left. He and his sons were still in the Empire, living in the cities, watching all that happened. The sons of the Emperor were all powerful magicians, and his daughters were priestesses. They spread out in secret to the cities, uniting the people where they could see that the people were still true and filled with a longing to rediscover the Emperor. To these cities they gradually revealed to the people that the Emperor was not dead, or lost, or a myth. He was right there among them, and all that was needed was to unite against the Demiurges, to unite in alliances with the people of other cities whose spirits were equally true. And so their eyes were opened.

Thus, these cities rose up, against the Demiurges; the sons of the Emperor rode in on mighty Chariots to vanquish the Demiurges, and the daughters (who were very mighty) vanquished all of the terrible beasts these Demiurges had summoned up to guard the gates. Then the sons and daughters of the Emperor kissed, and by this kiss called down lighting that shattered the Towers where the Demiurges hid, towers that had been built over the true temples the Emperor had constructed.

Thus a new Kingdom was born. And slowly, to this day, the Kingdom grows, as the sons and daughters of the Emperor reach out their influence to any people of any city with nine gates that is ready to hear the truth, and open their eyes.

The Yoga of Astral Travel

There are worlds to be discovered within you. Most people barely bother to discover the world beyond them, the outer world, and this is a shame. 
There is so much in life to explore, to become connected to. 
But beyond that outer world, there is the inner world. 
Actually it is many worlds; it is an inner universe.

But how does one begin to explore this world? 
The inner world was sometimes described by the ancient mystics as the Astral plane or dimension, a term which has since been badly abused and misunderstood by new-age practitioners.

It is an infinitely vast dimension, one that overlaps with the material; because in the inner world you are free, if you realize it, from attachment to the body. 
In this freedom there is no difference between your 'inner world' and anyone else's. 
It is not that you have yours and I have mine, there is only one inner world, the astral plane.

By what method do you reach it?
There is a technique, a yoga.
First, you must be relaxed, in a quiet place.
Sit down, and relax your body. 
Then close your eyes, and slowly focus all of your senses inwardly.
That is, first 'draw in' your vision, within yourself.
Focus your vision on the inside of your head, right in between the eyes.
Then, do the same with hearing; focus your ears, your hearing, into that same space right between the eyes.
Then the same with your sense of touch.
Let go of focusing your sense of touch on your outer skin, and instead try to feel the inside of your head, that space between the eyes.
And do the same with touch, and scent.

Now, totally drawn into yourself, hold your breathing in that space within your nose, again moving toward that space between the eyes.
By this, I do not mean to actually stop breathing or hold your breath.
Instead, breathe in and out in a normal relaxed way; but you must separate the actual air from the prana, the vital energy of the breath.
This you draw within yourself.

By this method, you will begin to experience certain things.
At first, what you will feel is that your attention, and this prana, this energy, will begin to accumulate in that space between the eyes.
Practice this technique slowly, gradually, and with patience over several days.
Over time, the accumulation of the energy will increase, until at some point, you will feel like something is opening up, flooding open, and you will have the sense of being in a very vast space.
Allow this to happen.
After this happens, entering into this state will become easy, and easier the more you do it.
You may begin to 'see' or 'hear' things, but not with your regular eyes or ears.
Allow this to happen.
You may experience a feeling of being able to move freely, within this vast inner space, to encounter and experience different things.

From here on, I will leave it to you to explore.
It is important, because it will be your own experience, do not burden it with expectations based on what I say or other things you have heard.
Let it be what it is.
And you will find that a whole vast inner universe will be yours.