The Godsong

By Swami Anand Nisarg


Chapter 1: Spiritual Crisis; On the Master and Students

Chapter 2: Surrender

Chapter 3: Awareness and Devotion

Chapter 4: Re-Incarnation and the Avatar; Proper Practice In Ritual and Meditation

Chapter 5: The Golden Dawn; The Yoga of Astral Travel

Chapter 6: Balance

Chapter 7: The Ninth Key

Chapter 8: The Simple Core

Chapter 9: Namaste; The Celestial Realms; Instant Karma

Chapter 10: Grace

Chapter 11: Opening the Celestial Eye; Fear of the Non-Dual; The Longing for God

Chapter 12: The Steps; Boldness; Humility or Awareness

Chapter 13: The Power of Unknowing

Chapter 14: On the Mysteries of the Gunas

Chapter 15: A Prayer for Peace

Chapter 16: Darkness

Chapter 17: Trust and Reality; A Further Note on 'Entertainment'

Chapter 18: The End; "Messed Up"; The Greatest Magickal Power; In the End

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