Chapter 13

The Power of Unknowing

Real spirituality is not found in speaking about spirituality.
The spiritual man is the one who can admit that he does not know.
To say "I don't know" is the most powerful, most liberating statement you can make.
It frees you, it liberates you of the walls you have made, of pretending.
Your pretensions of knowing the truth are a source of misery.
They are meant to protect you from your fears, but they only reinforce them.
Your fears cannot go away by pretending you know the truth about God, heaven, death.
They will be there, under the surface, devouring you.

God is found in admitting your truth.
In surrendering to the reality that only God is the knower, he is unknowable, ineffable to you.

Spirituality is not making claims about God.
Spirituality is in saying that you do not know, and accepting this.
It is found after that in trusting what you experience.
Be grateful for what can be known; be grateful for life.
Let yourself show up to live life, rather than hiding from it in your pretensions.
Be happy, or angry, do not justify yourself.
Involve yourself fully in what is before you.