12 On the Purpose of the Miraculous


When the miraculous starts to occur around you, do not get caught up in it.
Understand why it is there.

If you are trying to find your way out of a darkened room, and a friend turns on the lightbulb, don't waste your time staring at the lightbulb or looking at the switch, or talking to your friend, just get out of the room!

When the miraculous occurs, do not get stuck on obsessing about the miraculous.
Do not try to keep it there for longer than its needed.
Do not think it is the goal.

When Bliss occurs, do not get stuck on the feeling of it.
Know that the Bliss is an effect, it serves a purpose.

When Siddhis, energy effects, happen do not get stuck on doing them or not doing them, do not wish for more, or keep coming back to them.
Just do your job.

When these phenomena happen, they are happening not for their own sake, but for the sake of your Sadhana, your path.
If they are distracting you from your path, you have failed to use them properly.

When they occur, keep your attention on the path!