13 On the Levels of Reality I


Most people are trapped in the perception of the purely material realm of existence.
They also experience the intellectual realms of dreams and imagination, but believe them to be unreal, whereas they believe the material to be real.
They experience the realms of emotion only rarely, for fleeting instants, and fail to understand what they are experiencing at all; thinking this experience to be tied to the physical, or the mental, or to be a part of their "selves" in a way the material or intellectual universe is not. In other words, this realm is usually only experienced in total confusion.
Most people fail to experience the spiritual realms with any awareness at all.

The first step to understanding how to correctly observe the various realms of reality is therefore to know that there is no difference between the reality of the material realms, and the reality of the intellectual realms, both of which most normal people will be capable of regularly experiencing.
You must understand there to be no difference in the reality of your dreams and imagination, and the reality of the physical world.
They are simply operating on different levels.
You could say that the material world is just as false, just as illusory as the intellectual world.
Or otherwise you could say that the world of dreams and imagination is just as real as the material world.

It doesn't matter which point of view you take to begin with, only that for most people it is very difficult to truly comprehend the idea of the material world being an illusion, as most people misunderstand the concept of the word "illusion" in the first place.
If you have any doubt, you might find it easier to simply consider that your dreams are just as real as your waking life, that your daydreams just as real as your physical activities.
Once you take that attitude, you will take where you go and what you do in daydreams far more seriously.

This is the first step in correcting your perception of the various realms.
This is also vital to the attainment of the Mahamudra.