14 On the disciplines of the Mahamudra work


In the effort to be able to operate on all the realms of reality, with full perception and understanding, there are certain disciplines that must be mastered.

These disciplines are possible by channeling the energy, the Shaktipat, you received from your guru upon initiation.
This work toward attaining the Mahamudra must be sanctioned by the guru, as otherwise it is very easy to slip into self-deception.
The guru can see if you are ready to have these higher doors open to you.

The disciplines that must be developed are:

  • the balance of the body, so as to be able to accept differing physical states without reaction
  • the balance of the mind, so as to achieve the state of pure mind, where the mind will not serve as a barrier to progress
  • the yoga of dreams, a necessary step in achieving pure heart, where you are no longer a slave to a cycle of repressed and reactive emotions
  • the yoga of death, allowing one to incorporate this purity in all points, to achieve the crystalized state where death and liberation are perfected.