15 On the Levels of Reality II


After establishing control of the mind, and imagination, the awareness of the emotional level of reality can begin to be established.
First, it is imperative to realize that your emotional states are no more a part of you than physical states, like being hot or cold.

Just as you must be aware that being cold is not a product of your own nature as it is a product of the environment around you; so you must be aware that being angry, or sad, or happy, are not a product of your own nature.

Once you have established that, you must realize that the key to centring yourself is by not letting these external conditions dominate your awareness.
Just as if you obsess about being cold, you will be colder, if you obsess about being angry, or upset, or sad, you will increase these conditions.

On the other hand, just as you can reduce your condition of being cold or hot by not resisting the external state, but simply letting it pass through you with awareness, you can also do the same with emotions.

Whether you are angry, happy, sad, or upset, just watch it, and let it flow through you rather than get stuck in it.