16 On the Yoga of Dreams I



After, and only after you have been authorized by the Guru to do the Mahamudra work, and only after you have spent time meditating on physical conditions, and then emotional conditions, all to the Guru's satisfaction, you may then receive the Guru's authorization to begin the work of mastering experiences in the realm of dreams.

The first step in this discipline is to dedicate yourself to trying to remember your dreams before falling asleep.
At night, spend some time just before going to bed, and after doing anything else that needs doing, dedicating your self to remembering your dream states.

You must make this dedication each night, until you find that you are regularly waking with memory of your previous night's dreams.

It can be helpful to record your dreams, first thing in the morning. You will find that without making great effort to remember the dreams in the morning, you will quickly forget your dreams, even if you awaken remembering them.