17 On the Importance of doing the
Mahamudra work in proper order

Beloved Shya,

The Mahamudra is one way to describe the state of enlightenment.
The work which I am talking about in this series is a particular layered form of meditation practices.

It is not that any one of the meditation techniques described in this series can't necessarily be helpful by itself, but to work the technique of Mahamudra it is important to take each step at a time.

In particular, the warning I gave in that instalment is in regards to the fact that some of these meditations, especially the ones on dreams, could lead into delusional ideas of effectiveness when done outside of the process of the Mahamudra work.
These techniques I am describing are highly esoteric, and thus the potential to slip into esoteric bullshit is likewise high.

There is no problem for you to try to be aware of your dreams, at your current position.
The warning was for other people.
There is a habit that people will want to try whatever I am talking about at a given time, whatever they currently read, because it is new or different than what they are currently doing, without considering whether it is what they need to be doing right now.
There is also a risk for some people that they may think that they can jump to a further step on the Mahamudra work, before successfully establishing themselves in the earlier steps.
They may even believe that they have already established themselves on those earlier steps, when the reality is they simply don't find those earlier steps as "exciting" or interesting as some of the later steps.
For some people, these meditations are going to be risky; for some people other techniques would be better right now.
Consider yourself "authorized".