18 On the Yoga of Dreams II


After the initial work of dedicating yourself to remembering your dreams, and recording your dreams, you will be ready for the second step.

This next step should not be undertaken until the first step has brought definite results.
The results of the first step should be that you are regularly remembering the night's dreams.
Do not progress to the further step until that time.

Once you have reached those results, then the next step is to spend some time each morning, not just to record your dreams, but to actually relive them.
Close your eyes, and carefully and thoroughly review your entire dream, in your mind, in the imaginative realms (over which you should already have capacity and centeredness before even beginning the dream work).
Walk through your whole dream again, this time experiencing it with an awakened lucidity.
Try to reproduce it as carefully as possible.

You must continue in this practice for some time, until you are fully and perfectly able to reproduce the dream, and profoundly experience the events of the dreams.

Remember, it is not just a remembering, now it is a reliving.