19 On the Importance of being in the world,
and imitating the Guru

Beloved Dharia,

In the process of your spiritual work, you should not avoid your daily social life, or being with people.
That is something important for you.
Having time alone is good, but if you are alone all the time, or avoiding interaction with the world, you will not make progress.

And if you have to choose, choose to have a little less time for formal meditation, and maintain time in being with people.

Only, make sure that you try to be meditative when you are with other people.
And try to be truly open and communicative with them, being able to serve them in whatever their necessity might be.

Don't worry about how much time I spent doing "formal meditation" or any other things when I was an initiate; it won't help you.
You aren't me, you aren't a clone.
The mystery is personal, and each person has their own process.

Don't try to imitate who I am or what I do, just listen to what I teach, that's harder than imitation because I am teaching for you to be original.