34 On the Levels of Awareness V


The fifth realm is the realm of jealous or wrathful deities.

They are called "jealous or wrathful deities" because these are people who have power, and misuse it.

They are the few who are heartless about the many.
They are the ones who seek to harm others for their own material gain.
They are the ones who begin wars.

They are the ones who have positions of authority and misuse it.
They are the ones who try to break the happiness of others.

They are jealous and wrathful, even when they appear to have everything that society says one should have.
Unlike hungry ghosts, who keep seeking for money, fame, power, love, the jealous deities have these things, and know that they are not fulfilling.
But instead of being able to move into meditation, they are stuck where they are, and lash out at others, out of jealousy, out of rage.

They will have a tendency to get caught up in the worst kinds of religious or political fanaticism.
This is because they will want to be able to run the affairs of others, ostensibly to create a better society, but in reality because they have created certain "enemies" in their minds, that they wish to punish.
Those who are not their chosen "enemies" they wish to have as worshippers.
They want to be seen as great, and be in constant control.

Some of those who are in the realm of wrathful deities have merely lost their way.
Even meditators can be trapped in this realm, when they are given some kind of power or responsibility, and lose sight of meditation.
Or when they have advanced to a level where they manifest certain spiritual powers (adepthood), and they get stuck in their own sense of power, or cannot move forward because they fear letting go of their spiritual control.

In these cases, a reminder of meditation can be enough, for the person to transform themselves.

In many other cases, where their position is due to a lifetime of experiences, those in the realms of the jealous deities will have a difficult time being able to move back down to the realm of humanity.
One must consistently and patiently expose them to meditation, if one hopes to reach a breakthrough for these people.