40 On Sammasati

Beloved Dharia,

Sammasati means "remember that you are a Buddha".
The ideal situation is to realize that you are a Buddha within you.
But in many circumstances it is very difficult to focus clearly on this outside of all of the illusions and conditionings that you have built around your "self".

That is the purpose of remembering the guru.
You should remember the guru as the Buddha in order to create a path to remembering your own being as the Buddha.
In other words, it can be easier to see the Buddha in the teacher than in your being; but if you can recognize the Buddha in your teacher, and you have absolute trust in your teacher, then you must
come to accept that he tells you that you are also the Buddha.
It is clearer sometimes to find the potential in yourself if someone you trust sees that same potential in you.
You may not see who you are, but you see who the guru is, and he says that you are no different from him.
That way, you can come to see it too.

Ok, Dharia?