105 On the Sexual Techniques


I will not go into detail about the sexual techniques of the Mahamudra Tantra.
These are very profound techniques, and are not to be considered by someone who is not prepared, and given authorization by the Guru.

Sex is one of the most powerful forces of the Mahamudra in the human experience.
The Mahamudra is the uniting of opposing forces, and the uniting of the male and female in the sexual experience is the most powerful of spiritual experiences.

However, human beings tend to have more conditionings and issues regarding sex than about almost anything else.
Only death rivals it, but it is still second to sex.

Thus, intending to practice “tantric” sexual techniques when you are still too early on the path, have too many conditionings that would get in the way, cause issues with you or your partner or invalidate the experience, would make the practices worthless.

Likewise, the release and intensity of real tantric sexual technique is so powerful that it can be overwhelming to the self.
It can be difficult or harmful to process this if you are not already centred in your meditation.
So it is more important to focus on the work that you already have before you and not worry or speculate excessively on these “tantric” practices.

Tantra, the Mahamudra work, is not all about sexual practices,
Nor are sexual practices the ultimate result or the inevitable conclusion of the Mahamudra work.
Many people can do the work of the Mahamudra without ever doing the sexual techniques.

If the Guru suggests you should examine this work, he will give you more details.
Otherwise, do not be concerned about these “secrets”, they are not important to you.