106 On Spiritual Sex


While the tantric sexual techniques are not for most students, this does not mean that sexuality is not a means for all students to enter into awareness.

Sexual activity briefly liberates you from external influences and allows you to concentrate on the very moment you are in.
It is when your body is the most sensitive.

And who ever realizes the truths of the body will come to realize the truths of the universe.

Sexuality is a most fundamentally human experience.

All animals have sex of some form or another, but only human beings do so as a vehicle to bliss, and not just out of instinctual compulsion.

The bliss of orgasm is intimately tied to what defines us as human beings as opposed to animals.

So the first step in letting your sexuality be a part of your spiritual experience is not to associate your sexuality with something regrettable.
Do not be uncomfortable with your sexuality.
Even if you believe that something about your sexuality is “incorrect”, for the moment accept and acknowledge that nevertheless it is what you feel.

The second step is to connect yourself to the physical.
Explore your own body first, let yourself experience all of your body, in the sexual state, without hurrying yourself or being distracted by sexual fantasies.
Understand that the key to sexuality is in the body, not the mind.

Even in sex the mind is present.
If it is present in an unhealthy way, the mind tries to use your sexual fantasies to distract you from the real sexual activity you are engaged in.
If it is present in a healthy way, the mind will unite your sexual fantasies to the real sexual activity you are engaged in.

The fantasies in themselves are not bad.
Remember that: the mind is as sexual as the body, the sex force transcends the body; and having fantasies is not wrong, it is inevitable.
But remember the difference between the fantasy and the real, and let the fantasy serve the real and not the reverse.

The second step is to connect to your partner.
Explore your partner’s body as you have your own, realize its sameness and its difference from yours.

Then call the divine into your partner, see your partner as God or Goddess.
Worship them, surrender to them as the divine.
Let yourself be passive, surrendered, and let them give their own divine nature to you.

Or invoke the divine in yourself, and let your partner see you as God or Goddess.
Let them surrender to you.
Give yourself and the divine in you to them, in gratitude for their surrender.

When you are uniting with your partner, you are uniting to the Divine.
When your partner unites with you, he or she is uniting with the Divine.

In this, you find the Mahamudra.