107 On Doing it Yourself

Beloved Dharia,

Your letter to the hare Krishnas was very good, it was from the heart; and spoke directly about what you have known from your own experience, not stupidly repeating what someone else has told you or what you read in books.

You just keep being true to yourself!
When you speak out of the truth of experience and don't let others confuse you with unnecessary rules, you will find the path to awareness.
No one will be able to "handle" you.

Start your own meditation group, and soon you'll be having lots of people around you experiencing bliss,
the real bliss,
the only bliss there is,
the bliss of opening their own hearts to discover the Buddha in themselves.

That is all that anyone is seeking, that divine inside of them and all around them.
And it is easy, not hard.
There is no need to make it complicated, or follow complicated rules created by outsiders.
That's only a hindrance.

When people are singing praises to god, or meditating, or praying, or bowing down, or being in silence or dancing, they are having the real experience; because they are there, in the moment.
That is Brahma, that is Nirvana, that is God, that is the Mahamudra.
The union of you with the moment.

But then people let others, priests, come in and tell them that these experiences have to be bought and paid for from the priests by following rules, by working for the temple, by sacrificing and doing certain things and never doing other things; in other words, by not being natural.
And the more you are fooled by this trick, and caught up in memorizing scriptures from holy books, or the writings of unholy idiots who misinterpret these books, the more you miss the natural.
That is why people who are in a religion for a long time become miserable, or deeply conditioned robots.
Those are the only two options.

The right books, all the great spiritual books like the Bhagavad Gita, do not tell you "this is what you must believe".
And only fools would comment on such a book and turn it into a set of rules.
The Gita tells you not what to believe, but what to try.
It has techniques, not rules.

So do not complicate things.
And do not listen to people who claim to know truth when all they have done is read the books, not had the experiences those books try to lead you to.
Better to read the book yourself, and then try the experience yourself.

Don't become a Hare Krishna, become a Krishna.
Don't become a Buddhist, become a Buddha.
Don't become a follower of a swamiji or a mataji, become a Swamiji or a Mataji.

A real awakened being will not give you rules and want your worship.
A real awakened being will show you the way, and not let you fall into blind worship; he will force you to either “walk the walk” and do the techniques if you sincerely want to be spiritual, or show you up for a hypocrite if you do not.

He won't just let you be a fake hindu or a fake buddhist, putting on an act to impress others.

Don't be impressed by the facades, watch what people really do, how they really are, not how they dress or the image they present.

So go and make a meditation group, a group of friends and people who want the real experience, and not the false.
Don't make facades to impress them, don't become a priest, just give them the meditation, and show them the moment.
And share in each other's bliss.