70 On the Extension of the Buddhafield

Beloved Shya,

When you are truly extending the Buddhafield, it is neither an end nor a beginning.
The Mahamudra is neither an end nor a beginning.

Rather, the Mahamudra is union leading to correct action.
If you are truly in the Mahamudra, the Buddhafield you extend will lead you to know what to do and what not to do, not through some thought process but in a state of natural awareness of what is right.

If you are creating an experience of something mystical, imagining a buddhafield, but it does not lead you to that state of right action, then you have not achieved the Mahamudra.

Nevertheless, by extending yourself, opening yourself, even if it is imperfect at first, it will gradually lead you to that Mahamudra state, so long as you do not get stuck in some falsely-created bliss or illusion of experience.

Being in a state you belive to be the Buddhafield, but not being spontaneous and doing what is right, is only a product of your imagination.