71 On Sahajo

Beloved Dharia,

There is a difference between intending, and actually doing.

You are right, it is not good to "intend" to have an effect in the world.
If you lust for transforming yourself, or transforming those around you, then you will create a false situation for yourself.

So don't intend, just meditate for real and do it!
Make a change for yourself and others.

When you are doing real meditation, there is no need for "intent", so don't have any intent, any lust of result.
When you are doing real meditation, the change happens automatically.
If the change doesn't happen, then you are not in real meditation.
If you only imagine change happening in you, but nothing around you changes as a result, that is also false.
And if you try to force it, it will work even less.

But if you do just meditate, then real change will happen.

This is what is called "sahajo" in Sanskrit.
It means "automatic", "instant", "easy".
There is no difficulty if you trust, and just meditate.
The results are instant.
Its only if you don't trust, that you think you have to force an experience, and then you create false experiences instead of the real ones.

Mahamudra is instant too, if you have trust.