72 On Osho

Beloved Dhanyam,

Call me what you like, but Nisarg is fine.

I read Dharia's e-mail to you, and your reply to her.
Please understand that Dharia is very eager, she wants to be the recognized student of a recognized teacher.

Just as there were people that insulated Osho and tried to keep Him to themselves, there were also many people in those early years that tried to read their own interests and preferences into Osho's school.

If Dharia or someone else wishes to try to promote me through Viha or through new age bookstores, that is their choice.

But please understand that I am not in the "satsang business".
I have no interest in making promotional videos, T-shirts or commemorative soap.
If people in the new-age crowd find out about me, thatís fine, but I won't be for most of them.
Most are looking for entertainment or affirmation of their own limitations; you are more likely to find a plumber or a McDonald's employee with a real passion to experience truth than a tarot reader or reiki therapist.
Those who are involved in New Age or other pop spiritualities who come to me will do so in spite of, not because of, their prior "spiritual" conditionings.

I have no interest in going to Pune or Byron Bay or Sedona to try to recruit Osho Sannyasins.
What Osho meant when he said that he would be found in his Sannyasins was that he would be found in ALL his Sannyasins, awake or asleep.

If an Osho Sannyasin finds out about an enlightened Sannyasin and wants to meet or talk with him, or help his work, and maybe get a zen-stick or two, that is fine.
But if that enlightened Sannyasin tells him to look for a Master anywhere other than Osho, he is a fraud.

There are people today, not yet initiates, who need a living teacher; and the awakened Sannyasins who find these people will choose to teach, initiate and assist them in their particular way.
These are people who can do the work: they may be caught up in new-age spirituality by default, and they are drawn to those real but no longer incarnate teachers (like Osho) whose teachings have been hijacked by the new age movement.
They are people who sincerely long for something real; to be a "finder", not a professional "seeker", and need a teacher who is in the body at this time to give them the kick into the real.

But those who were given initiation by Osho are Osho's Sannyasins; there is no need for another Master.

To attempt to answer some of your questions:
I was initiated in Vancouver.
I became awakened there some years later.
To talk more about my own experience of waking up is pointless, it will reveal no clues, hints or secrets about how to get there.

In my Sannyas years I was never a therapist, recognized meditation teacher, or administrator of any kind.
I have never been to Pune, or the Ranch.
Pretty much the only interesting thing I have managed to do in my Sannyas years is to awaken.

Thank you for your offer of service.
If you wish to help me, I'd ask you to please use your inner vision, to sense those you meet who could be ready, and let them know about me.