73 On Osho II

Beloved Dharia,

Dhanyam is not "someone like you".
His master is Osho.
For me to be promoted through Osho-related publications and groups in anything but the most general way possible would be pointless.
Osho Sannyasins already have a master; Osho.
At least in new-age bookstores it is possible to meet people, a small minority, that genuinely need a teacher.
But Osho Sannyasins already have a teacher, and doing what many of these false gurus have been doing and trying to gain "followers" from the ranks of the Sannyasins would serve no useful purpose; it would only confuse and divide these Sannyasins, and lead them away from the real teacher they already have (Osho).
The people who do this are leeches, of the worst quality.

An Osho Sannyasin could come to me to talk or listen, but I would only be a help, not a Guru to them.
And while that is nice, it is not the primary reason for the work we are doing.

It is one thing to talk to people about about me; it is another thing to want people to think that you're "my Maneesha".

Also, when you do speak to people about me, it would be better to just talk about your personal experiences with me, not inaccurate half-truths of what you heard about me or what you think I might have said about things.

You start a meditation group by finding people who would like to do meditation; don't bother to sell me, just quietly have me present.
You, Dharia, are my best promotion, not anything you could say.
Just being yourself, and not hiding the Guru, that is enough; you don't have to push.
Then the right people will want to know, they will ask questions, and then you can answer or refer them to me.

And it is better to talk about what YOU feel, in meditation, in devotion, how your life has been affected by the school, than about what you think I say or want. 
When a person wants to know what I have to say about things, you can refer them to me.
When you talk to them, talk to them about you, and how the school has helped you, and explain what you feel a guru does for you.
Do not assume your ideas for me, or put words in my mouth.

Otherwise, you are no different than a Christian missionary telling people what they think Jesus wants.