74 On Dreams and Reality

Beloved Amber,

Sundra is right when she tells you that your dream was not reality in the sense that it was not this level of reality.

Your dreams and your visions are not something of this physical reality, and confusing them and the things you see in them with the same things and people in this physical reality is a serious mistake.

However, that does not mean that your dreams and visions are not real on their own level.
They are a reality, just not the physical reality.
The key is not to mix or confuse the two.
Just like your daydreams are real, they are a reality of their own, just as much reality as your physical life.
But they are happening at another dimension of existence.

The Mahamudra requires you to be centred at all levels of reality: the physical world, the world of the mind, and the world of dreams.
Part of that centring is accepting each as real, and another part is to know not to confuse one level with the other.