75 On Truth and the Real

Beloved Rasa,

Very good questions.
Truth and the Real are synonymous.
It is important to remember, however, there are different levels of reality, and "truth" must be defined as what is real at each level.
So all levels of reality are equally real, but what is true on one level may not be so on others.

Truth and the Real are absolute qualities, they are not subjective.
Subjectivity arises in two ways.
In the negative sense, subjectivity exists in the sense of the degree to which a person is united with truth and the real.
This union is the Mahamudra, and in a perfect union a person embodies Truth.
The ego acts as a distortion, and the degree to which you allow ego to overshadow your perception of what is real in the moment is the measure of how subjective your truth becomes.
But even in the state of the Mahamudra there is a kind of subjectivity, which is the subjectivity of individuality.
But this kind of subjectivity is not a negative one, it is not a barrier, it is only an expression.
Each of us embody truth, but we each do so in a different context, as a different facet of that truth.
There is only one truth, but its facets are infinite.
And because each of us is positioned in a different facet, we are all unique in our expression of that Truth.
The truth remains the same, the expression is different.
When someone is situated in the Mahamudra, he can see all the Truth, and assist others in expressing their own individual facet of it.
This is why the Mystery is personal, and why there is no single formula to awakening; every person has a different journey to awakening.

Meditation is defined as connecting to what is real by witnessing and acting in this moment, the here and now, without being distracted by the false subjectivity of your conditionings.
It is being in the moment, without dragging either the past or your own fantasies and trying to force the Real present to fit that baggage.