77 On the Infinite

Beloved Rasa,

Reality has infinite levels, beyond anything anyone can imagine.
On a practical level, human beings can divide their reality into levels in various different ways.
The simplest for the purpose of this work is the Physical reality of the material world; the intellectual realm of the mind and imagination; the emotional realm of intuition, feelings, and dreams; and the energy level of immaterial force, of prana or chi.
When these four levels are in harmony, you are able to access the level of the divine, of centeredness, called the Mahamudra.
This is a state that permeates all other levels, and produces a vibration, the OM, that unifies all of creation.

The four levels have been symbolized as the four hermetic elements, or the four suits in the Tarot, and in many other ways.

Truth is dependent upon the perspective of the particular place where you are situated.
Something you see in a dream is true, its no less true than the keyboard I type upon.
But it is only true in the realm of dreams.
If you act on something you saw in your dreams in the physical world, you are likely to end up doing something wrong.
Because in the physical world, it is not true.
You might fly in a dream.
It is true that in your dream you were flying.
It is not true that you could therefore fly in the physical world.

It is not that one truth is better or worse than the other.
Just that the statement is false in one reality, and true in another.
Some people commit the error of believing that one realm is the only one that is true, that only the physical world or only their mind, or only their emotions are what matters.
These people are imbalanced, and cannot centre themselves or achieve the Mahamudra.
Others make the mistake of believing that things they perceive on one level of reality are applicable in some or all of the other levels.
This too is a kind of disharmony.

Finally, people are all located at different positions and experience different states from anyone else, on each level of reality.
So another error to be avoided is to believe that someone else's truth can be accepted as your own by belief.
It may be that they are wrong, or it may be that they are right, but believing in another's truth is just creating your own falsehood.
Only by experience can truth, harmony, or the Mahamudra be achieved.