92 On Aggression and Assertiveness

Beloved Peter,

There were many great mystics who were warriors.
It is about being watchful in your aggression.
Aggression born from unconsciousness is harmful.
Caring born from unconsciousness is just as harmful.

Aggression born from awareness is not harmful.

When you are natural, in the moment, and the moment calls for you to be strong, to not be a wuss, then this is the right thing to do.

Assertiveness is often needed, and aggression too, in order to restore naturalness to a situation.
If something is wrong in your environment, then to be passive and not become an agent for change if you can be would be an un-natural act.

Just as it would be un-natural for you to try to change what cannot be changed, or to try to force a situation to fit your desire rather than what is.

So it is not your assertiveness that is natural or un-natural, it is your cause for acting.

So do not be a wuss.
Just watch your emotions, and you will be able to know, within you, when you are reacting to some conditioning, and when it is right for you to act.
You will know what is born from your own ego feeling hurt and reacting, and what is born from a necessity to act in a way that restores naturalness.

Be strong when you are supposed to be strong, and gentle when you're supposed to be gentle, and be aware at all times.