The Mystery School

   Swami Anand Nisarg's Mystery School     

The Magician's I Ching now in print!
Swami's new book.

Magick for Mystics
Details about Swami's course on magick.

Details about Swami's one-on-one practice.

Tantra for Transcending
Swami's course on Tantra.

The Library
Various writings by Swami Anand Nisarg.

Swami on YouTube
Videos of discourses by Swami, posted on YouTube.

The Metta Sutra
The Buddhist practice of love.

In Search of the Divine
An introduction and explanation of mysticism from Shya, one of Swamiji's students.

Upcoming Events
Information on our upcoming events and weekly meditations.

Contact Information
How to contact Swamiji, the mystery school, or the webmaster.



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